Building Regulations

Building regulations approval is required to convert a loft or attic into a live able space.
This section provides guidance for making alterations to the loft space of an existing house which is no more than two storeys high. Requirements for alterations to an apartment or other dwellings like maisonettes, or houses over three storeys, will be similar but may be more extensive and possibly extend to other parts of the building.

The regulations will be applied to ensure, for example:
1 – the structural strength of the new floor is sufficient
2 – the stability of the structure (including the existing roof) is not endangered
3 – safe escape from fire
4 – safely designed stairs to the new floor

Reasonable sound insulation between the conversion and the rooms below.
You may wish to make these alterations to enhance the storage facilities available or to increase the living space of the home. If you plan to make the loft space more accessible or more habitable by, for example, installing a stair to it and improving it by boarding it out and lining the walls / rafters etc, more extensive work is likely to be required and the Building Regulations are likely to apply.
It is recommended that you contact Building Control to discuss your proposal and for further advice and you must also find out whether work you intend to carry out falls within The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.